Professional SEOer, Amature Developer
& Affiliate Marketer

Age 25. From London. Internet Lover. PHP and WordPress Enthusiast.
Head of Technical SEO @ Datadial. Part Time Affiliate Entrepreneur.

Recent Work

TotalJobs Backend Quiz

Built & designed by Chris Morley, I assisted with tracking, using Javascript & PHP with a secure admin portal to view submissions with an export to CSV functionality.

Play the Quiz!

ECigWizard HTML JS Quiz

Designed & built by me, this is a 7 page HTML5 video background quiz which included Javascript to track users scores which are then hooked up to GA for statistics later.

Southwark Medation Centre

Customised out of the box Wordpress Theme, custom form tracking, SEO & hosting. Donated free of charge for a Registered Charity.

disguise yourself pretty

Fully built WordPress affiliate ecommerce system, with a product database that then can be attached to blog posts for content ideas later.

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